Not enough time in the day? Try Small Improvements

The other day I was talking with some friends about our health goals. We discovered we all had the same obstacle standing in our ways: a busy schedule. Someone mentioned a story of a busy single mom that was able to lose 75 pounds by making tiny changes every day and it got me thinking…

Let’s face it, full-time jobs and families barely leave you with enough time to sleep. If you’re involved in any hobbies, clubs, activities or are taking a class or own a business, time is extremely scarce. If you expect to jump into a full-blown workout routine or go on a crash diet, you will fail. This is where tiny changes come in.

The art of powerful decisions

How do successful people become successful? Are they smarter than average? Do they work more hours? Are they privy to the secrets sold during late night infomercials?

With our culture where celebrities and their not so bright behavior tend to dominate the news, one often wonders how someone with seemingly little intelligence can become so famous and wealthy. If a high IQ isn’t required for fame and fortune, what is? Everyone is limited to the same 24 hour day so there’s not an unlimited amount of hours out there.

Buying the ticket

There’s an old joke about a guy that prays every day and asks God to help him win the lottery. Finally, God speaks to the man and says “could you at least meet me halfway and buy a ticket?”

Most people wake up every day and wish for things: fame, fortune, success, etc… However, shockingly few people actually take action to make these things happen. The main cause of this is that we’re too busy — we’re so caught up in day to day activities that we don’t have time to pursue the things we really want. Sometimes taking that first step, buying the ticket, is all we need to do to get the ball rolling and creating the momentum we need.

Trust your instincts

Over the last few weeks, I’ve made some mistakes. Fortunately, none of these mistakes were serious, but they did make my life more difficult. In most of these cases, something just didn’t feel right to me and I ignored my gut. Had I just gone with my instincts, I would have avoided some problems.

My gut has always been guiding me, and as I look back, I can’t think of time when going with my instincts turned out to be a bad choice. I never put much thought into it until recently and now I’m starting to realize that men also possess intuition.

Addiction Takes Many Forms

I just came across an article about a couple that allowed their two children (one is 22 months, the other 11 months) to nearly starve to death because they were too busy playing video games. Now I love video games and I actually know someone that called in sick to work for two days a while back because a new game came out, but this takes addiction to a new level.

Sticking to your guns

Decisions are what make or break us. Or, to be more accurate: the decisions we make when things get tough are what make or break us.

Life is a series of journeys (with each aspect of our lives representing a journey). Like a journey that you would take on foot or by car, knowing your destination is the most important key to success. But a close second is how you get there (and if you choose to continue to go there).