Personal Power: How to Avoid Negative Thinking

How long can you go with saying something negative? How long can you resist having a negative thought? Negativity, whether through words or thoughts, have a poison-like effect on our success. It negatively influences the way others see us and, more importantly, the way we see ourselves. Chronic negative thinking can set us up for failure and in its worst form, lead to feelings of hopelessness. Negative words can be contagious and can affect the moral of groups, lead to negativity in the workplace and can potentially kill relationships. So how can one escape this silent killer?

Overcoming Hopelessness: Part 2 – Getting Out of the Rut:

DespairIn part one of this series we talked about the fact that you’re not alone in feeling that sense of hopelessness – practically everyone feels it from time to time. Realizing that your feeling this way is the beginning of the process for pulling yourself out. What we’re going to talk about in this part is how you end up feeling that way to begin with and some things you can do to get out of it.

Why we feel hopelessness:

Overcoming Hopelessness – Part 1

DespairThere truly is no worse feeling in the world than hopelessness. People who feel like things can never get any better and only get worse end up in the direst situations. They experience depression, alienate themselves from others and some become suicidal. It’s a terrible emotion to feel and it’s difficult to watch someone you care about experience it.

An Overview of The Law of Attraction

from www.sxc.huThe Law of Attraction, made popular by the 2006 film “The Secret” has been a hot topic in recent years. To some, the concept is the ultimate self-help system: simply want something and the universe will give it to you. To others, it’s the ultimate scam taking advantage of the laziness of people who want riches without having to do anything to get what they want. Does the law of attraction really work? Can it help you get what you want? Is it something worth caring about? I’ll attempt to answer these and other questions throughout this article series.

Public Speaking Success: The Effect Public Speaking has on Your Confidence

Confidence and successWhenever I have casual conversations about public speaking, I’m often asked about the benefits. Why would anyone want to speak in front a big group? What if you mess up? Why bother putting yourself in such a scary situation to begin with? These are just a handful of the questions I’m asked by people looking at me as if I have two heads.

How High School Musical 2 Teaches Kids the Wrong Lesson

High School Musical 2With all the hype surrounding the upcoming High School Musical 3 movie, I figured I’d take a moment to comment on something that bothers with the second movie. More racy pictures of Vanessa Hudgens? A scandal? The cast making unruly demands? Not at all. What really bothers me is the way the major conflict within the movie is handled: the premise that it’s more important to be liked than it is to go after your goals.

How Music can Affect our Mood

musicHave you ever paid close attention to the music you listen to? Music is all around us: on the radio, in movies, in our CD/Tape/MP3 player and at events. Music has a powerful way of triggering emotions in us. Sometimes a song will remind us of people, places or events. Other times, the music itself (the key, tempo, style or lyrics) can make us feel a certain way. Some even say that listening to certain types of music (mainly classical) will make you smarter or more productive (the Baby Einstein Company made a fortune out of this concept).