Speed Reading – audio style

Steve Pavlina has an interesting post on using Windows Media Player to help you speedread audiobooks. I personally think that this is a brilliant idea as you can listen to 90 minutes of audio in about 60 minutes using this method, and it really won’t affect the quality of the recording.

There’s a radio station in my area that uses a similar technique to speed up songs so they can claim that they play more songs per hour than any other local station.  It’s noticeable once you’re aware of it, but most people don’t care — so it’s a great idea to try it with audiobooks. My only caution is to make sure that you’re paying attention to the audio and not doing other things, as it’s possible you might miss something.

How to master a skill quickly

In two simple words, “Teach it!” Reading something is nice, writing down notes to help you remember key points is better, but if you really want to commit what you’ve learned to memory, share it with someone else.

Taking notes reinforces what you’ve learned, especially if you think further about the subject or idea while doing so. But unless you decide to research the subject in more depth, you’ll only have limited knowledge.

That’s why if you really want to understand a subject, you need to teach it to at least one other person. Consider the following points: