Is 75 Hard Dangerous? Part 1

Is 75 Hard Dangerous? Part 1I’m a big fan of the 75 Hard Program – those of you that regularly read this blog already know that. I’ve seen a number of posts in recent weeks about whether 75 Hard is actually bad for you – some even call it dangerous. While the program is certainly challenging, I’m not sure that I’d call 75 Hard dangerous. But after reading some of the articles and reflecting on my own experience, I could see some situations where there are potential problems. While any program has the potential to be dangerous, there are things we can do to minimize the danger.

Six Tips to Help Deal With Depression and Anxiety

Photo by Kat Jayne from PexelsDepression and anxiety are some of the worst things we can experience. We all have a lot of good things in our lives, but depression acts like a carjacker by jumping in and speeding away with everything we should be joyful about.

We all get “the blues” from time to time where we’re just feeling off.  If you’ve had days when you don’t want to get out of bed or don’t want to face the world,  then you may have struggled with depression.

30 Day Progress Check In

30 Day Progress Check InI posted a few weeks ago about Andy Frisella’s 75 Hard program and how I’ve incorporated it into my own five week program. So if you’re wondering whether I kept going or gave up, wonder no more. I’m still going strong and have a lot to report.

This post is a little late as I’m actually on Day 41 now. I switched hosting providers for my blog and website unexpectedly. So I’ve focused on getting them to work rather than adding more content. You might notice a lot of special characters randomly showing up in posts. I had nearly 400 posts to fix and have gone through 50 so far.

My Review of 75 Hard by Andy Frisella

My Review of 75 Hard by Andy FrisellaI was struggling to get motivated a few weeks back, so a friend recommended 75 Hard. It’s a free 75-day mental toughness program by entrepreneur Andy Frisella. I instantly recognized Andy from the videos by Ben Lionel Scott that I enjoy watching (and I highly recommend his podcast). I’ve been working on my own 30-day program since November so I figured I’d give this program a try along with what I’m already doing.

Protecting yourself against COVID-19

Protecting yourself against COVID-19We live in a unique time — the entire world is impacted by a pandemic. It’s hard to sort through all the information people are sharing to separate fact from fiction. Yes, we live in crazy times. I’m no expert, but I’m happy to share what I’ve been doing to stay safe.


Be properly informed:

People are sharing an immense amount information on social media. But it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. Even “reputable” news sources conflict with each other (and sometimes with themselves). Here are some of the sources I’ve found to be most useful:

One More Mailbox

One More MailboxA few summers ago I did some running in my neighborhood. I’d start at my house, run until I hit what I felt was a good halfway point, then turn around and run home. I’d always like to push myself, especially with this big hill I’d run partially up so as I’d start to get to tired, I’d tell myself “just one more mailbox.”

Sometimes that next mailbox was twenty feet away, other times it was fifty. While running an extra mile or two seemed like something out of my reach, certainly I could go another twenty feet. And then when I hit that next mailbox, the next one was only a little farther away so I could repeat that process until my legs started to wobble.

A New Direction

A New DirectionOkay, you might have noticed that I haven’t blogged in a while — a long while. Was I too busy? Something bad happened? No ideas for writing? Well, fortunately nothing bad (at least nothing too bad) has happened and I have a lot of ideas for writing. But truthfully, I’ve been really busy with a lot of other things going on my life and I’ve been rethinking a lot of things. I know, sounds heavy but don’t worry — it’s nothing too crazy.

The big change in my life is that I started seriously working out. You may wonder what that means as it can mean practically anything. To me, it means a structured weekly workout programs created with targeted goals in mind. In my case, I have some pretty particular goals for how I want to look and feel so I train seven days a week with a mix of cardio and weights. Today, I just completed day 52 and it feels great.