About Overnight Sensation:

“It takes years of hard work to become an Overnight Sensation.”

This blog was started in 2006 to share “how to” information on communication and personal development topics.  The posts initially fell into a variety of categories including public speaking, job interviewing and staying motivated.

But as the times have changed, so has the focus of this blog. While new posts on speaking, networking and interviewing are still being added, so are posts on new topics such as social media, blogging and SEO. As times continue to change, so will this blog but we will always be your source for “how to” information so keep this site bookmarked or sign-up for the full feed RSS to keep up.


About James:

James Feudo is a fitness addict, emerging guitar player and serial entrepreneur. James became interested in communication after taking the Dale Carnegie Course in 2002. He joined Toastmasters International in 2002 (and was a member for four and a half years) and took his first steps towards becoming a professional speaker in 2003 – James’ speaking experience dates back to 1996 when he taught classes at Bentley University while earning his Master’s Degree.

Since then, James has worked with people from a variety of different backgrounds to help them reach their goals and become better communicators. He started by coaching people on an individual basis and then began teaching courses he developed based on his “Communicate Your Way to Success” System.

James holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Information Systems with extensive coursework in business from Bentley University — one of the top business schools in the United States. He has been teaching classes in communication, personal development and social media since 2007.

If you’d like more information about the services James offers (coaching, courses, getting James to speak to your group, etc…), then please use the form below. You can also learn more at JamesFeudo.com.