A Primer on Choosing a Generator

Whole house GeneratorLosing power is an inconvenience. Losing it for multiple days can become a real problem. My neighborhood recently recovered from another two-day power outage. As I shared in a prior post, I finally got fed up and got myself a generator. With COVID-19 limiting our options of what we can do outside of our homes, I figured it might be a good idea to revisit the subject. So in this post, I’ll share the research I did on the different options for generators, including pros, cons, and costs. I’ll also share what I went with and how it’s worked out.

Five Ways to Get Started on Anything

mountainMost people fail to do anything major because they see it as a big impossible task that needs to be tackled all at once. If you’re trying to climb a mountain, you can come up with dozens of excuses: you’re not feeling up to it, it’s not the right time to start your journey, you only have an hour and it takes days, etc…. I’m as guilty as anyone — I’ve got more unfinished projects than I care to admit. But these things can be all be tackled (even at once) if you have the desire and the focus. And I’ll show you how.

Five Habits to Cut Back Debt

"Cut expenses 1" by sanja gjeneroIf you’re not up to your eyeballs in debt, consider yourself lucky. Millions of people each year find themselves in tough financial situations. In some cases, they’ve done something irresponsible but in others, they’ve just been hit with some bad luck. Whatever the case, the best way to deal with debt is to avoid it all costs. Here are a few habits to help you stay in the black.


1. Spend less than you make.