Is 75 Hard Dangerous? Part 1

Is 75 Hard Dangerous? Part 1I’m a big fan of the 75 Hard Program – those of you that regularly read this blog already know that. I’ve seen a number of posts in recent weeks about whether 75 Hard is actually bad for you – some even call it dangerous. While the program is certainly challenging, I’m not sure that I’d call 75 Hard dangerous. But after reading some of the articles and reflecting on my own experience, I could see some situations where there are potential problems. While any program has the potential to be dangerous, there are things we can do to minimize the danger.

Three easy ways to work gratitude into your daily life

Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on UnsplashI’ve come across several articles and podcasts over the past week that mentioned gratitude as a great way to improve the quality of your life. I felt like God was trying to tell me something: be more grateful. I know a lot of self-help gurus push gratitude like it’s a miracle drug, but there really is some truth in it. Being grateful sets off a chain reaction for good things in your life. It gives you a better attitude which improves your interactions with others which leads to better things down the road. But enough about why gratitude is important – you probably already know it is, which is why you’re reading this.

Know that you are worth it

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on UnsplashI go a for a walk first thing each morning and I like to listen to podcasts to help make the most of my time. There’s a podcast from Ben Lionel Scott that I enjoy listening to. The clips are short so I mix them in with the other ones I listen to. They are the audio from the amazing videos he puts on his YouTube channel. 

No mistake is worth killing yourself

Photo by Chad Madden on UnsplashI’ve heard too many stories over the past several years of people taking their own lives because of being in tough situations. Stress is at an all-time high – even before COVID-19 hit. People are working too hard, juggling too much and taking on more than they can handle. Life is certainly not easy.

I read through the daily Catholic mass each day, as many of you probably know. Whether you’re religious or not, you can benefit from what I’m about to share. Wednesday’s reading included the below passage from Acts 25-27:

My Review of 75 Hard by Andy Frisella

My Review of 75 Hard by Andy FrisellaI was struggling to get motivated a few weeks back, so a friend recommended 75 Hard. It’s a free 75-day mental toughness program by entrepreneur Andy Frisella. I instantly recognized Andy from the videos by Ben Lionel Scott that I enjoy watching (and I highly recommend his podcast). I’ve been working on my own 30-day program since November so I figured I’d give this program a try along with what I’m already doing.

The Power of Gratitude

The Power of GratitudeYou’ll find several books on gratitude in the “Personal Development” sections of most bookstores. There’s a reason for that – gratitude works. If you wake up every day and feel miserable, you’re probably going to have a miserable day. Now, waking up each day feeling grateful for all the good things in your life won’t guarantee that you’ll have a great day. But at least you’ll start out on the right foot.

The NYC Cab Driver & The Elderly Woman

Cabs in the streets of New York City
I came across the below story and wanted to share. You may have seen it show up on social media or via email. I’m not sure whether it’s a true story but it does get you to stop and think. Have a read and leave your thoughts in the comments below.


A NYC Taxi driver wrote: