Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on UnsplashI go a for a walk first thing each morning and I like to listen to podcasts to help make the most of my time. There’s a podcast from Ben Lionel Scott that I enjoy listening to. The clips are short so I mix them in with the other ones I listen to. They are the audio from the amazing videos he puts on his YouTube channel. 

The one titled “Your Value” was in my queue for today and it made me stop and think. This video features a talk from Jeremy Anderson about how you keep your value, no matter what happens to you. He uses the analogy of comparing yourself to a dollar bill. A dollar bill is still worth a dollar even if it’s crinkled, torn in half or stained. His point is that getting beat up by life doesn’t change our self worth.

The video is below. Take the three minutes to watch it – especially if you’ve been through tough times. It may change your life.


Is there a video or podcast that inspires you or has changed your life? If so, share it in the comments below.

Know that you are worth it
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