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What I’ve learned:
  • I started reading Cash Copy By Jeffrey Lant which has been sitting on my bookshelf for a long time. I think I picked it up at used book sale, and I’m glad I did as it’s an interesting read. Yes, it was written in 1989 but it’s got some solid advice on how to write to get people to act right away. It’s not just for marketers either – you can apply this advice to any proposal or even a cover letter if you’re looking for work.
  • I’ve spent a significant amount of time learning about self-publishing (as you’ll see below). If this is something that interests you, keep an eye out for my next post!



What I’ve written:
  • I came across an amazing talk from Jeremy Anderson where he compares a dollar bill to one’s self worth. It’s a powerful talk which drives the point home that a dollar bill can be ripped, crumpled, stained and torn. But that dollar bill will always be worth a dollar.
  • I’ve been dedicating my writing time and effort to completing my first novel. I’m excited to share that it’s finally for sale on Amazon.  It’s only available in kindle format at the moment but a paperback version will be available soon.  I also created a new website for my books: I’d love to hear your feedback on both the book and the new site.


Cool / Interesting / Retro Stuff:
  • I came across this video from the 80’s for a learning program for kids called Sweet Pickles. I remember watching it and wanting to order it, thinking the bus with all the characters would come to my house. I don’t think we actually ordered it, but I still have some of my “I Can Read” books.
    • httpv://
  • You may remember the Reese’s Peanut Butter commercials where two people crash into each other. One is eating chocolate, the other is eating peanut butter and neither are watching where they’re going. Suddenly – wham! They crash into each other. Here are two versions of the commercial:
    • httpv://
    • httpv://


Quote(s) of the week:


Joke of the week:

For you Star Wars fans….

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Weekly Review – 2020-06-07

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