How do successful people become successful? Are they smarter than average? Do they work more hours? Are they privy to the secrets sold during late night infomercials?

With our culture where celebrities and their not so bright behavior tend to dominate the news, one often wonders how someone with seemingly little intelligence can become so famous and wealthy. If a high IQ isn’t required for fame and fortune, what is? Everyone is limited to the same 24 hour day so there’s not an unlimited amount of hours out there.

The bottom line is that it’s the decisions we make that determine whether or not we’ll be successful. A decision to start a business or switch jobs. A decision to take a class or go back to school. A decision to go for a run in the morning or to pass on an extra helping of dessert.

Decisions, whether they are long range and determine where our life will take us or if they’re short term and decide what we will do at this exact moment, are what shape our lives. That’s why November’s issue of the Fast Results E-Zine will be about decisions. To sign up, fill out the form on this page or visit the sign up page.

The art of powerful decisions

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