The other day I was talking with some friends about our health goals. We discovered we all had the same obstacle standing in our ways: a busy schedule. Someone mentioned a story of a busy single mom that was able to lose 75 pounds by making tiny changes every day and it got me thinking…

Let’s face it, full-time jobs and families barely leave you with enough time to sleep. If you’re involved in any hobbies, clubs, activities or are taking a class or own a business, time is extremely scarce. If you expect to jump into a full-blown workout routine or go on a crash diet, you will fail. This is where tiny changes come in.

So instead of trying to start out with a one-hour workout routine every day, try to find at least a minute to exercise. Surely you can find 60 seconds to improve your help. Do push-ups, crunches, stretch or whatever exercise you like, but commit to doing some form of exercise each day for a week.

Then bump it up to two minutes the second week and three minutes per day the third week. By the end of the third week, your mind will have established your workout as part of your daily routine. In the following weeks, you can increase it or leave it the same once you’re in the shape you need to be in.

Now this doesn’t have to be just for workouts – you can use this to find time to write a book, start a business, get organized or work towards whatever goal you desire.

Not enough time in the day? Try Small Improvements

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