Decisions are what make or break us. Or, to be more accurate: the decisions we make when things get tough are what make or break us.

Life is a series of journeys (with each aspect of our lives representing a journey). Like a journey that you would take on foot or by car, knowing your destination is the most important key to success. But a close second is how you get there (and if you choose to continue to go there).

To continue with the analogy, a journey has maps (action plans), forks in the road (decisions), bumps in the road (obstacles) and destinations (goals). If you don’t have a destination, you could end up in place that doesn’t make you happy. If you don’t have a map, you might not get to your destination. The paths that you choose (decisions) impact how quickly you get to your goals. How you respond to obstacles determines if you continue or go back home.

Life can be tough and people can be cruel.  What separates those that succeed from those that fail is not turning back when the going gets tough. Every quest has set-backs and almost all of them can be overcome. If life was easy and no one encountered set-backs, we’d all be successful.

I’ve learned to look at set-backs in a different way – I see them as opportunities to grow. When I overcome the set-back, I know I’m a huge step closer to getting the prize I’m going after. There’s a great quote by Hannibal for overcoming obstacles: “We will  either find a way, or make one!”

Sticking to your guns

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