I recently heard a quote from the opening day of Walt Disney World in 1971 that really inspired me. A reporter said to Roy O. Disney (Walt’s brother) “it’s sad that your brother didn’t live to see this” and Roy replied “Walt saw it first which is why you’re seeing it today.”

If you’ve ever been to Walt Disney World Resort, you’ve probably found it to be a pretty amazing place. There is an attraction in one of the parks called “One Man’s Dream” which is a walk-though exhibit focused on the life Walt Disney and his dream. Walt Disney was a dreamer. He had big ideas and big goals.

The more I learn about Walt, the more inspired I get. That’s why the Walt Disney World Resort is one of my favorite places to vacation — “dreams” is common theme found throughout the entire resort (granted, it has become more commercialized over the years).  From Walt’s famous quote “it all started with a mouse” to the “kiss goodnight” that is played when the Magic Kingdom is closing for the night, the atmosphere is very inspirational. No wonder there are several on-line communities dedicated to the park — one woman once posted that by June, she had spent her 60th night on Disney property that calendar year.

Before the mouse, there was the dream. Walt had a vision and that became the Disney Company and eventually, Disney Land in California. Then Walt had an even bigger dream: turning 42 square miles of swampland in central Florida into the world’s most popular vacation destination.

In my most recent newsletter, I talked about “Dream Smashers” — people who tear apart other’s ideas. I’m there were a lot of doubters when Walt first shared his ideas with others, and I’m glad Walt didn’t listen. The Walt Disney Company is now one of the most recognizable brands in the world.

Dream big. Think big. And don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.

The Power of Dreams

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