Illegal job interview questions

Are you married? Do you have children? You have an interesting name, what is the origin of that name? Are you a U.S. citizen?

These are all questions that we’re often asked in everyday conversations, but what many people are unaware of is that they’re illegal to ask during a job interview. Sometimes, these questions are asked because the potential employer is trying to figure out if a candidate will be able to fulfill their duties. Other times, the interviewer is completely unaware that he or she has asked an illegal question and is just trying to make pleasant conversation.

Managers vs. Leaders

What’s the primary difference between managers and leaders? When leaders lose their authority, they retain their influence.

I worked at a company a few years back where I had five different bosses in five years. Two of these bosses were also my friends and rank as two of the best bosses I’ve ever had. Their secret? They were leaders not managers. Due to changes in upper management, both became individual contributors, but they still were able to motivate, inspire and influence those of us that used to work for them.

Not enough time in the day? Try Small Improvements

The other day I was talking with some friends about our health goals. We discovered we all had the same obstacle standing in our ways: a busy schedule. Someone mentioned a story of a busy single mom that was able to lose 75 pounds by making tiny changes every day and it got me thinking…

Let’s face it, full-time jobs and families barely leave you with enough time to sleep. If you’re involved in any hobbies, clubs, activities or are taking a class or own a business, time is extremely scarce. If you expect to jump into a full-blown workout routine or go on a crash diet, you will fail. This is where tiny changes come in.

Having them before “Hello” – Effective Speech introductions

Many speakers make the mistake of not creating an introduction to their speech (by this, I mean the introduction that is typically read by someone else before you being speaking). A good introduction can warm up the audience and get them excited about your topic before you take the stage.
An introduction has several benefits:

  • It tells the audience who you are and why you’re speaking.
  • It allows you to inform the audience of your achievements and accomplishments without looking like you’re bragging.
  • If you’ve written a book or are selling products at the event, you’re introducer can inform the audience (and you may even get an endorsement).

The art of powerful decisions

How do successful people become successful? Are they smarter than average? Do they work more hours? Are they privy to the secrets sold during late night infomercials?

With our culture where celebrities and their not so bright behavior tend to dominate the news, one often wonders how someone with seemingly little intelligence can become so famous and wealthy. If a high IQ isn’t required for fame and fortune, what is? Everyone is limited to the same 24 hour day so there’s not an unlimited amount of hours out there.

Firehouse Performing “Overnight Sensation” live

While looking around Youtube, I came across live concert footage of the band Firehouse performing the song “Overnight Sensation.” I took a liking to that song a while back (and thus found it a great name for this blog) and I’ve always found that both the music and the lyrics get me in a more positive state. So here’s the video for your viewing pleasure:

Buying the ticket

There’s an old joke about a guy that prays every day and asks God to help him win the lottery. Finally, God speaks to the man and says “could you at least meet me halfway and buy a ticket?”

Most people wake up every day and wish for things: fame, fortune, success, etc… However, shockingly few people actually take action to make these things happen. The main cause of this is that we’re too busy — we’re so caught up in day to day activities that we don’t have time to pursue the things we really want. Sometimes taking that first step, buying the ticket, is all we need to do to get the ball rolling and creating the momentum we need.