Video of the week – Josh Groban – “Believe” from “The Polar Express”

I’ve always been impressed by Josh Groban’s music but there’s something special about this song. It seems like most of the newer Christmas recordings are simply whoever’s topping the pop charts using their own style to sing classic Christmas songs. I find it hard to believe that generations to come will replace classics from Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby and Brenda Lee with songs by ‘N Sync, Jessica Simpson and Hannah Montana. But “Believe” is one of the more recent songs that has a chance.

Here’s an excellent video of the song with clips from “The Polar Express.” If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s definitely worth a watch.

Illegal Question #3: Are you a US citizen?

Why they ask it:

Normally, I try not to editorialize too much on these questions but this is one that I believe can warrant some serious debate. Before I get to my own opinion on the subject, I want to clarify that it is currently legal to ask a person if they are authorized to work in the United States – you just can’t ask them if they are a citizen (as opposed to having a green card or work visa). You are allowed to ask someone flat out if they are legally authorized to work in the United States.

Linus Explains Christmas

One of my favorite Christmas specials is “A Charlie Brown ChristmasLinus Explains Christmas”. A few months after I got my first apartment, I purchased a $20 Christmas tree at my local pharmacy. When I first put the tree together, everyone agreed that it was reminiscent of the tree from this movie. But also like the tree in the cartoon, it turned out to be pretty nice after we finished decorating it.

I like the overall theme of the movie — Christmas is too commercialized and the spirit, message and true meaning get lost in the shuffle. Here’s a scene from the cartoon where Linus explains the true meaning of Christmas to Charlie Brown.

Bill Clinton shows us how to handle hecklers

A couple days ago, Bill Clinton gave a speech to people supporting his wife’s campaign. Some guy, dressed as a robot, interrupted his talk, demanding an apology for some rapper, and threw papers around. Clinton, in a calm manner, told him “you need to find more environmentally responsible ways to protest” and “you can disagree with me without killing trees.”

Now, Clinton had the audience on his side (he’s obviously very popular among his wife’s supporters), but he did several things right that we can learn from when we’re heckled during a talk:

Illegal Question #2: Do you have Children?

Why they ask it:
Like Question #1, this sometimes comes up in casual conversation during an interview with the interviewer not realizing that it’s an illegal question.

In other cases, the interviewer is trying to figure out the candidate’s commitments outside of work. People with school aged children occasionally take time off when their kids are sick or the school is closed. They may have restricted schedules due to child care arrangements.

How to answer it:

Video of the Week: TSO – Wizard in Winter

I’ve added this segment as something fun for Fridays. Regardless of whether or not the videos have something to do with communication, they’ll at least be entertaining or interesting. So here’s the first one…

As an avid guitar player in high school and college, I’m still a huge fan of guitar heavy music. I was so excited when a friend introduced me to Trans-Siberian Orchestra — a band that combines a rock band, choir and orchestra to pump out some great Christmas tunes.

Mitt Romney – Faith in America

All week, the media has been speculating about Governor Romney’s speech about his religion. Will it hurt him or harm him? Is this the right time for such a speech? Why does he need to give such a speech in the first place?

As someone who has lived in Massachusetts my whole life, I am quite familiar with Mitt Romney. I remember when he came close to taking Ted Kennedy’s senate seat away from him, his talk during the closing ceremony of the Utah Winter Olympics, and his campaign and four-year term as Governor.