I’ve added this segment as something fun for Fridays. Regardless of whether or not the videos have something to do with communication, they’ll at least be entertaining or interesting. So here’s the first one…

As an avid guitar player in high school and college, I’m still a huge fan of guitar heavy music. I was so excited when a friend introduced me to Trans-Siberian Orchestra — a band that combines a rock band, choir and orchestra to pump out some great Christmas tunes.

One of their signature songs is “Wizard in Winter” which was made famous by the video posted on the internet which had a house with its Christmas lights flashing in synch with the music. You can watch the video below:


Another cool thing about the song is that one of the musicians uses an electric flying-V violin. If you’re a fan of Jimmy Page’s work in the Led Zepplin song “Kashmir” or Whitesnake’s “Still of the Night” where a violin bow is used on electric guitars to make a really cool sound effect, you might be interested in their live performance on Good Morning America.


This song is available on their audio CD “The Lost Christmas Eve.”

Video of the Week: TSO – Wizard in Winter

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