Whether you’ve been laid off, downsized, quit due to frustration, forced out or you’re absolutely miserable in your current situation – if you’re looking for work, you probably know how difficult it is to find a good job, especially these days. When the market is this competitive, you need every advantage that you can get so it’s time to boost your resume, learn how to interview and start hitting the pavement. Here are ten tips to get you started:

  1. Every company has its own style and procedures for the hiring process – make sure you learn it and follow it.
  2. Phone screens are a common way for employers to weed out candidates – make sure you’re prepared for phone screens and take them as seriously as you would an in-person interview.
  3. Be on the lookout as you can connect with someone who can help you find a job practically anywhere – the gym, the library, the train station and even the supermarket.
  4. Employers don’t always extend the courtesy of telling candidates when they didn’t get the job – follow up within a week of your interview if you haven’t heard back.
  5. In many cases, interest and enthusiasm are as important as job skills and experience – always be positive and enthusiastic.
  6. You should study for each job interview like you would with a final exam – learn about the company, the position, the industry and how you fit in.
  7. Practice the common interview questions – many people still ask them.
  8. If you’re invited for an interview but not really interested, be open minded and go anyway – you might find that you like the people, the duties or the company more than you originally expected.
  9. Allow yourself enough time for expected delays when going to your interview – while traffic, late-running trains and other unexpected delays happen, they still make you look bad.
  10. Be pleasant to everyone you come into contact with on your way to your interview (including other drivers) – you never know if one of them might be someone that will be interviewing you.
10 Things You Should Know About Job Hunting
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