With the Toastmasters year coming to a close, many clubs are racing to get those final goals completed and choose their officers for the coming year. It’s an exciting time but it’s also a time where people are looking into their own futures as speakers. So it got me thinking about my involvement with Toastmasters over the last couple years and how much fun it’s been to work with so many people from this great organization.

I’ve had a number of Toastmasters clubs contact me through the years for everything from permission to link to an article on this blog to inviting me to speak at their club if I’m ever in their area. The two topics that seem of most interest to them are how make their clubs successful and how to speak outside of Toastmasters.

Well I’m always happy to help and since I’m unable to visit all these clubs, I’d like to offer any Toastmaster or Toastmasters club with a blog the chance to interview me. If you’re interested, simply send me a note via my contact form below. Please include your name, email address and url for your blog in the form. I’ll then be in touch on how to send me your questions. And also, I won’t just be sending you a list of questions and answers that I put together on my own — I’ll actually answer your questions. So if this sounds of interest to you, just contact me. There’s no cost nor obligation.

In the meantime, the following articles will help you with reaching your club goals. I’ve included some of my own experiences from when I was Club President and my club reached all ten goals.

Six Ways to Revive Your Club

Ten Tips to Become Presidential Distinguished – Part 1

Ten Tips to Become Presidential Distinguished – Part 2

And these articles will help you with making that transition from Toastmaster to professional speaker:

Transitioning from Toastmaster to Professional Speaker

10 Things I Learned About Speaking Beyond Toastmasters

Speaking at Service Clubs


An Offer for My Friends in Toastmasters
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