Weekly Review - 2020-04-19

Below are some of the things from the past week that I’ve come across and felt were worth sharing.  As always, feel free to leave a comment on the blog or on social media if you’d like to add to the discussion. And if you like what’s in here, please use one or more of those buttons at the bottom of the post to share with friends.



What I’ve learned:
  • Outworking everyone else is one way to be successful. In sports, it’s running an extra mile  or doing an extra set of exercises when you’re exhausted. At work, it’s putting in an extra hour, making ten extra calls or grabbing an extra project. This video provides some great motivation for outworking everyone if you need that boost.
  • This week, I started reading Purple Cow by Seth GodinWeekly Review - 2020-04-19 which teaches you how be “remarkable.” In other words, what you can do by making your products/services unique and exciting. The book has several case studies of marketing strategy from a variety of businesses. My favorite takeaway is to target “sneezers” – people who get excited about your offerings and will share their excitement with others.
  • I came across this motivational video that’s inspired by Conversations with God Trilogy by Neale Donald WalschWeekly Review - 2020-04-19. We all are capable of more than we realize. This video will inspire you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.


What I’ve written:
  • I had not done any writing this week due to a busier than expected schedule. I am working on a five week plan to help people get focused on their goals – I’ve been testing & tweaking it for the past several months. Keep checking back for updates.
  • If you or anyone you need is out of work during these challenging times, I’m inviting you to get a free copy of my “Ace that Interview” audio program. Simply use coupon code “FreeInterview” at checkout and it’ll be free. There is no need to enter a credit card or other payment method as it is completely free (and you won’t be automatically signed up for anything). Please feel free to share this with anyone that might need it.


Cool / Interesting / Retro Stuff:
  • I’ve been catching up on some James Bond films. One thing that a lot of folks don’t realize is that A-ha does the theme song for The Living Daylights. It’s a really cool song and interesting to know that they did more than “Take on Me.”
  • I found this Size Comparison of Objects in the Universe to be very interesting. It starts with some of the smaller objects in our Solar System and goes on to different starts, clusters and other large things. It’s amazing to see how tiny even our sun is.
  • As I type this, it pains to me to think that I was supposed to be in Epcot today enjoying the 2020 Flower & Garden festival. Walt Disney World is still closed, but they’ve been releasing recipes for some of their treats. This past week, they shared their recipe for Grilled Cheese at Woody’s Lunchbox.


Quote(s) of the week:

“When someone asks you how you’re doing, even if you’re having some difficult times, say I’m blessed and highly favored. Because anytime you wake up and don’t have a white chalk outline around your body, it’s a great day.”- Les Brown

Joke of the week:

With so many sporting events being cancelled, the World Origami Champions will now be televised.

You can watch it on paper view.

As a bonus joke, check out these COVID-19 Airport codes:

Weekly Review - 2020-04-19


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Weekly Review – 2020-04-19

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