Weekly Review - 2020-04-12

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Today is Easter Sunday. This is one of the most important days for many Christians and Catholics. For those who celebrate, I wish you a blessed day. He is Risen!


What I’ve learned:


What I’ve written:


What I’ve found:
  • I had plans to visit Walt Disney World this coming Saturday that I cancelled this past week. Thankfully, Disney shared their recipe for their famous Dole Whips so you can have some of that magic while you’re stuck at home.
  • I am a huge fan of the video game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This honest trailer for the game cracked me up and I found it to be worth sharing. I highly recommend SkyrimWeekly Review - 2020-04-12 if you love adventure or RPG games. I played it for three hours straight one Saturday. It’s available for PS4, XBOX, Nintendo Switch & PC.


Quote(s) of the week:

“Things are gonna be tougher than anything you can imagine, but that storm that you’re in, from your perspective, it seems like that storm is enveloping the whole world. But I am telling you it is not. The storm that you’re in, it is hard to see out of that storm, it’s hard to see past it, it seems like the storm is everything. But the storm is not everything. And it won’t last forever. You can get out of the storm, and you will get out of the storm, and when you get out, you’re gonna see the sun again.”- Jocko Willink

Joke of the week:

One day I changed a light bulb, crossed the road, and walked into a bar.
It was then that I realized my whole life was a joke.

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Weekly Review – 2020-04-12

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