Setting Achievable Goals Audio Program


Have you tried setting goals only to find yourself frustrated with the results? Are you tired of programs that claim to help you reach your goals, but just feed you motivational fluff and leave you with a useless list of  “thing” and “toy” goals? We’ve designed this program for you – a no-nonsense approach to setting goals you’re passionate about and a method to help you map out a plan that you can stick with.


Focus only on the goals you’re truly passionate about.

We all have wants and desires, but the challenge is taking that want or desire and creating an action plan that you will follow through with. This program covers the three aspects of effective goal setting. First, it helps you distinguish achievable goals from the goals you’re not truly committed to. Second, it helps you create a useable action with a realistic time-table. Finally, it helps you stay committed and focused.

If you’ve tried other systems in the past and they haven’t worked out for you, you’ll want to give this program a try. You can use it over and over again for each goal you have. Here’s how this system will help you:

  • You’ll learn not only how to define a goal, but how to define goals that you are truly committed to.
  • You’ll learn to focus on your objective and tune out the noise.
  • You’ll create an action plan while listening to the program so you’ll have a clearly defined plan with action steps.
  • You’ll learn to stay motivated despite your mood, distractions or obstacles.
  • You’ll learn to create and schedule tasks that create momentum.
  • You’ll learn how to get back on track when the unplanned happens.
Setting Achievable Goals Audio Program


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