Master the Art of Public Speaking Audio Program


Whether you like it or not, having to speak to groups is inevitable once you hit a certain point in your career and sometimes, it’s a requirement to move forward. In this audio program, you’ll learn how to prepare and deliver a speech that not only hits your mark but also makes you look like an expert in your topic.


Learn to present like a Pro

Many people in business fail miserably when they have to give a speech. Even though they may not have a fear of public speaking, they don’t exactly have a strong interest in it either. That often results in a talk that’s boring, hard to follow or so casually put together that it makes the speaker look bad.

Giving a good speech is a lot easier than most people think. This audio program takes you through the basics of speech preparation and includes useful tips on delivery to ensure you reach the goals of your speech. In this 65 minute program, you’ll learn :

  • Why presentation skills are important for your career and how you can benefit from these skills.
  • Maximize the impact of your speech using “The Three Ps of Powerful Public Speaking”â„¢: Prepare, Polish & Practice
  • How to craft a speech so that it meets your objectives and inspires your audience to take action.
  • How to avoid common mistakes by preparing like a pro.
  • The quick way to write and organize your speech so it transitions smoothly and your audience can follow it.
  • How to avoid “the boring talk” and wow your audience.
  • How to use props, movements, gestures and your voice to enhance your presentation.
  • How to prepare for Q&A sessions so you’ll answer questions effectively and confidently.
Master the Art of Public Speaking Audio Program


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