Associated Content

I recently came across a site for on-line content syndication that I’m actually pretty excited about (especially since I’ve been writing more than I’ve been speaking lately) called Associated Content. The way the site works is that you submit content (you can retain the rights if you desire), they review it and if they like it, they pay you. Not a bad deal.
I came across it a little over a week ago and I’ve already been paid for three article submissions.  I highly recommend taking a look at it if you have any interest in writing.

Speed Reading – audio style

Steve Pavlina has an interesting post on using Windows Media Player to help you speedread audiobooks. I personally think that this is a brilliant idea as you can listen to 90 minutes of audio in about 60 minutes using this method, and it really won’t affect the quality of the recording.

There’s a radio station in my area that uses a similar technique to speed up songs so they can claim that they play more songs per hour than any other local station.  It’s noticeable once you’re aware of it, but most people don’t care — so it’s a great idea to try it with audiobooks. My only caution is to make sure that you’re paying attention to the audio and not doing other things, as it’s possible you might miss something.

Trust your instincts

Over the last few weeks, I’ve made some mistakes. Fortunately, none of these mistakes were serious, but they did make my life more difficult. In most of these cases, something just didn’t feel right to me and I ignored my gut. Had I just gone with my instincts, I would have avoided some problems.

My gut has always been guiding me, and as I look back, I can’t think of time when going with my instincts turned out to be a bad choice. I never put much thought into it until recently and now I’m starting to realize that men also possess intuition.

Gender, race & religion: The odd media coverage of the 2008 Election

In a recent CIO Insight article, Elizabeth Edwards has an interesting quote about the lack of media coverage for her husband, 2004 Vice Presidential Nominee John Edwards. She states “We can’t make John black, we can’t make him a woman. Those things get you a lot of press, worth a certain amount of fundraising dollars.”