Sticking to your guns

Decisions are what make or break us. Or, to be more accurate: the decisions we make when things get tough are what make or break us.

Life is a series of journeys (with each aspect of our lives representing a journey). Like a journey that you would take on foot or by car, knowing your destination is the most important key to success. But a close second is how you get there (and if you choose to continue to go there).

The Power of Dreams

I recently heard a quote from the opening day of Walt Disney World in 1971 that really inspired me. A reporter said to Roy O. Disney (Walt’s brother) “it’s sad that your brother didn’t live to see this” and Roy replied “Walt saw it first which is why you’re seeing it today.”

If you’ve ever been to Walt Disney World Resort, you’ve probably found it to be a pretty amazing place. There is an attraction in one of the parks called “One Man’s Dream” which is a walk-though exhibit focused on the life Walt Disney and his dream. Walt Disney was a dreamer. He had big ideas and big goals.

Communication Lessons from The Brady Bunch

Yesterday, I watched an episode of the Brady Bunch where Peter (the middle boy) saves a young girl from a collapsing shelf in a toy store. Now what wisdom could I have possibly found from that? Well, I noticed how interpersonal communication has changed drastically since the 1970’s.

Consider this:

  1. Alice, the maid (not “au pair”) that lives with the family refers to Mike and Carol as “Mr. & Mrs. Brady”.
  2. Mike, an experienced architect and father of six, calls his boss “Mr. Phillips.”
  3. Not only do the kids, but the parents and Alice address almost every adult they come into contact with (excluding relatives) formally (ex: Mr. Driscoll).

You can’t fool yourself

I really like this time of year. Where I live, it’s not too hot and winter has finally passed. I like the outdoors so I jump at every opportunity to do outdoor activities. I even find yard work therapeutic.

Last week, I was picking up some items for a project at one of the national chains and an incident occurred that got me thinking. The way the stored worked was that you paid inside and then picked up your items outside. I was in a rush so when I went outside and noticed the attendant busy loading up someone else, I loaded the things I had paid for in my car. When I was done, I walked over to the attendant to show him my receipt. Before I reached him, he waived me away telling me he trusted me and to have a good day.