Remembering the twin towers

The lights where the towers once stood

On March 11th, 2002 (exactly 6 months after the attacks), these lights were added to the site where the twin towers stood. New York City’s sky line has been changed forever.

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Remembering 9/11

The last time the 11th of September fell on a Tuesday, 19 thugs killed over three thousand innocent people in New York, DC and Pennsylvania. The victims weren’t all soldiers or politicians. They included regular people: business owners, members of the clergy and people that work in numerous jobs and industries. Some of these people were parents, husbands or wives eager to get home to see their families or traveling as part of their job to provide for their families. Sadly, the victims also included children, even babies. Not all victims were Americans either — people from over 70 countries lost their lives unnecessarily.

A positive start to your day

Self-help guru Tony Robbins issues an interesting challenge in his Personal Power Program. He recommends that you ask yourself five questions to motivate you each morning for the next 10 days or so, and these questions are supposed to get you started on a positive note.