Managers vs. Leaders

What’s the primary difference between managers and leaders? When leaders lose their authority, they retain their influence.

I worked at a company a few years back where I had five different bosses in five years. Two of these bosses were also my friends and rank as two of the best bosses I’ve ever had. Their secret? They were leaders not managers. Due to changes in upper management, both became individual contributors, but they still were able to motivate, inspire and influence those of us that used to work for them.

Not enough time in the day? Try Small Improvements

The other day I was talking with some friends about our health goals. We discovered we all had the same obstacle standing in our ways: a busy schedule. Someone mentioned a story of a busy single mom that was able to lose 75 pounds by making tiny changes every day and it got me thinking…

Let’s face it, full-time jobs and families barely leave you with enough time to sleep. If you’re involved in any hobbies, clubs, activities or are taking a class or own a business, time is extremely scarce. If you expect to jump into a full-blown workout routine or go on a crash diet, you will fail. This is where tiny changes come in.