Okay, the first thing that popped into my mind when I came up with this idea for a Million Dollar Month was “am I crazy?” After all, I’d have to average over $32,000 a day to pull this off and much more if it takes me a few days or weeks to get things rolling. A lot of people think I’m setting myself up for failure or disappointment, but to be honest, I doubt either will happen but I’ll get to that later.

Making a million dollars in a month is far from impossible. Actors, many of which have barely a high school diploma, get multi-million dollar contracts all the time. As do athletes, musicians and artists. And to be perfectly honest, not all of these people are good looking, smart or even talented. They just have the ability to get others talking about them and to believe that they are worth the price.

Lottery winners do it every day. Sure, they have lady luck on their side. Inventors, application developers, writers and other creative types also have achieved such a feat. Even bloggers, online marketers and other people who do nothing but hang out online have pulled it off.

What do all of these people have in common? They ignored the doubts. It didn’t matter if the doubts came from their own minds or the mouths of others, they didn’t listen. They took the risk. They created the app, wrote the song, tried out for the role, bought the ticket, whatever. They gave their doubts and their doubters the middle finger and went on and did what they said they would do. Yes, many people do this and come up short. But if you don’t try, you automatically lose. You can’t win by sitting on the sidelines. You have to step into the arena, get banged up a bit, fight like your life depends on it and come out with a victory.

Success isn’t for the weak at heart. You don’t get a date by chickening out before asking that special person out. You don’t get a job by not applying for it because you don’t think you’re qualified. And you don’t get new clients by staring at the phone because you’re afraid to make cold calls. Will you get rejected? Absolutely, but not all the time. And even after a dozen rejections, when you get that first success, you’ll forget about the rest. Many great people have failed miserably before they achieved great success. All you need to do is keep playing until you win. If you can stomach a few defeats, you’ll be on the road to success faster than you realize.

Overcoming Doubt
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