In the United States, today is Thanksgiving. To many folks it’s a day of food and football. But its real purpose is a day to be thankful for what we have. Here are some tips for getting the most out your Thanksgiving Day (and if you live outside the US, you can still join in on the fun).

Be thankful for what you have:

We often are so focused on our goals and desires that we don’t take the time to appreciate the things we already have and the successes we’ve had in the past. Take a few minutes and create a list of the things that you’re thankful for and keep it positive- don’t say something like “I’m thankful to have a job, even though it’s a low paying boring one.” Keep this list handy throughout the next year so you can refer to it when you’re feeling down and add to it next year.

Review your goals for the year:

There’s only about a month left in the year so now is your last chance to check up on the goals you set back in January. If you’re not close to where you’d like to be, you still have some time (but not a whole lot). Now is the time to rev things up and race to the finish line so get going if you haven’t so already.

Don’t overdo it:

Thanksgiving is a feast, but don’t have a week’s worth of food in one sitting. Remember, everything is okay in moderation so have a little bit of each thing you like and save room for desert. I usually go easy during the main dinner (which my family usually has in the early afternoon) and then I go for seconds in the evening. There’s a good chance there will be plenty left over and today’s turkey will be next week’s turkey sandwiches.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving
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