Job Interview Questions: Where Do You Expect to Be in Five Years?

growthAlong with “what are your strengths and weaknesses?” another common question asked by prospective employers is “where do you expect to be in three to five years?” Skilled interviewers ask it to get a feel for what your goals are, but many novice interviewers ask it without any real forethought about what type of answer they hope to get — thus making it a potentially tricky question.

Public Speaking Success: What to do When Someone Asks Too Many Questions

questionsAll too often, we have people in our audience that love to ask questions. Sometimes, their intentions are genuine as they either didn’t understand a point you made or have a real interest in learning more about something you had said. Other times, their intentions are less than genuine as they want to show off their knowledge, appeal to their own ego or make you look bad. And of course, there’s the clueless questioner who doesn’t get the material and doesn’t mind holding up everyone else.