We all have important meetings and appointments. Sometimes they are delayed, sometimes we are delayed. Here are three things you can do to save time and be more productive:

Habit 1: Get there early

Try to budget an extra 15-20 minutes to get to your meeting or appointment. This at the very least will reduce your stress level in the event of accidents, traffic or other delays. This added stress can take you out of the mental state you need to be in for important meetings. Plus, getting there early allows you to park in a get away position (for a faster exit) and gives you time to do any last minute preparation (review your notes, use the rest room, etc…).

Habit 2: Bring work to do with you

We’ve all spent more than our fair share of time in the waiting room of a doctor’s office. I think my record was four hours. By catching up on your reading or responding to email, you can make the time more productive. Resist the temptation to read the tabloids and fluff magazines such as People that are scattered throughout the waiting room unless they are related to work you do.

Habit 3: Listen while you drive

Driving can be both boring and frustrating but using that time to listen to a book can actually make it productive. Listening to something enjoyable will cut your stress level and listening to an audio book that teaches you something will make it productive. I usually get through an audio book a week while I’m in the car.

Three habits to make you more efficient

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