I was watching some of the Super Tuesday coverage on the Fox News Channel and caught an interview with Michael Reagan. Michael is the son of President Ronald Reagan (Reagan and first wife, Jane Wyman, adopted Michael) and he said “I’ve heard my father’s name mentioned so often during this race that I thought he was running!”

Ronald Reagan was an extremely popular President — he left office with the highest approval rating of any 20th Century President and won 49 states during his re-election bid in 1984. So it’s no surprise that republican candidates are all claiming to be “the next Reagan.” Even Barack Obama recently paid the Gipper some compliments, only to be distasteful attacked by the other democrats vying for their party’s nomination.

Reagan was able to connect with people during his televised appearances in a manner that many of us wish we could emulate face to face. It’s no surprise that he was known as “The Great Communicator.”

Super Tuesday Quote of the Day

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