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Speaking skills


Ralph Jean-Paul presents How to Assert Yourself Effectively posted at Potential 2 Success, saying, “Whether you’re dealing with your parents, your spouse, or your boss, here are best ways to give ultimatums, present your ideas clearly, and tell someone they are wrong.”


Raymond presents People Will Do You Favors When You Are Friendly and Nice posted at Money Blue Book.


Heather Johnson presents 5 Tips for Improving Your Communication Skills Today posted at The Next 45 Years.


Gayathri Moosad presents 10 tips to dramatically improve your conversational skills posted at The Personality Development Workbook, saying, “This article has 10 tips to improve your conversational abilities.”


John Kinde presents How To Be Funny posted at Humor Power, saying, “Play It Big – Play It Small A look at the advantages of playing it Over-The-Top or taking advantage of the concept of Less-Is-More.”


Sandra Zimmer presents Develop your Authentic Public Speaking Style – Seven Tips posted at Speaking Freely, saying, “Sandra Zimmer’s blog article shares seven solid ideas to help you develop a style of speaking that is authentic and compelling.”


Laura Powers presents The Fear Factor posted at From the Inside Out, saying, “”The Fear Factor” covers five simple steps for overcoming the fear of public speaking.”


Ralph Jean-Paul presents Be A Presence In Any Room posted at Potential 2 Success, saying, “Walk into any room or stand in front of any audience and get noticed by projecting a confident presence.”


Terry Dean presents From a Sale to An Experience posted at Integrity Business Blog by Terry Dean.


Alik Levin presents Basic Skills For Effective Public Speaking posted at Practice This.


Professionally Speaking


Patrick Schwerdtfeger presents Build Your Business with Public Speaking posted at Tactical Execution, saying, “Learn how you can establish credibility and build exposure for your business by giving workshops and seminars.”


Chris Arnett presents Public Speaking: Tuesday, May 13, 2008 posted at Public Speaking, saying, “In my public speaking I have learned 2 powerful techniques to boost the attention span of your audience.”


ford harding presents Who’s in Your Audience? posted at Hardingco Blog, saying, “If you use your public speaking skills, you had better find out whom you are speaking to!”


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Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Blog Carnival – June 2008 Edition

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