Welcome to the July, 2008 edition of the Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Blog Carnival. We’ve got some great entries in this edition on a variety of subjects. If you’d like to participate in a future edition of this carnival, you can learn more about the carnival or go right over to Blog Carnival to submit a post.


Rich Maltzman, PMP presents Interest of Conflict posted at Scope crêpe.


Sarah Scrafford presents Second Life offers more than Second Language Skills posted at education & tech.


Oliver presents A bit different: Present! Re-Thinking Presentation Design posted at SustainaBee – Today’s sustainability news that matters tomorrow, saying, “It is submitted to the “World’s Best Presentation” contest at SlideShare and has received the “SlideShow of the Day” Award there.”


Patrick Schwerdtfeger presents Become an Organizer of a Successful Meetup Group posted at Tactical Execution, saying, “Build your speaking and leadership skills by becoming an organizer of your own club on the meetup.com platform.”


JHSEsq presents Melding Written Materials with Your Oral Presentation | Colloquium posted at Colloquium.


Sarah Welstead presents Invested, innovative, brilliant: Improving the recruiting experience: The secret to self-promotion: Media release + top 5 list | ERE Blog Network posted at Invested, innovative, brilliant: Improving the recruiting experience | ERE Blog Network, saying, “Tips for getting yourself on the air and other sides of self-promotion.”


Woman Tribune presents Mind Your Own Business Girls: Business Coaching, Education & Empowerment for Woman Entrepreneurs posted at Woman Tribune.


Sandra Zimmer presents Develop Presence through Grounding in Your Body – Speaking Freely posted at Speaking Freely, saying, “Presence is a sense of being here now, in this moment. It is also a palpable energy or life force that others sense in the person who possesses presence. Sandra Zimmer, founder of The Self-Expression Center in Houston has been helping professionals, leaders, managers and executives to develop presence so they feel confident to share ideas, insights and expertise when speaking to groups. In this blog articele, Sandra shares a grounding exercise that develops presence when practiced regularly.”


Dr Capista presents The Role of Self-Confidence in Success posted at The Success Triangle, saying, “If you watch successful people, you will usually find that they are very self-confidant. Self-confidence may have come to these people on account of their success, but usually self-confidence is present in people before they become successful. Once they start working toward success, usually self-confidence and success run parallel, each fueling the other.”

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Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Blog Carnival – July 2008 Edition
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3 thoughts on “Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Blog Carnival – July 2008 Edition

  • July 23, 2008 at 1:33 am

    The post from the ERE blog network is by Sarah Welstead, I just submitted it to the carnival for her. I realise you are just using the Blog Carnival automatic carnival generator tool, but could you please correct the author name? If you do, I can make sure a post about the carnival appears on Sarah’s blog.

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  • September 15, 2008 at 2:59 pm


    Talk about the Rock Stars of Public Speaking!

    Sarah Palin and Barack Obama have taken this skill to a new level and shaken up the podium!

    Their oratory skills brings to the front the discussion of Delivery vs. Content.

    No one questions either of their skills as a speaker, but whether or not they have relevant content in their talks is the talk of pundits everywhere.

    I won’t address that, except to say that content should always be substantial, relevant, timely, and easily understood.

    That stated, if great content can’t be delivered in a manner that captures and keeps the attention and interest of the audience, the message won’t be received and understood.

    Great content plus poor delivery = the audience won’t “Get It!”

    If the audience doesn’t “Get it!”, the speaker failed.

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