An easy way to crush your comfort zoneYour comfort zone will hold you back if you stand by and let it. You’ll see opportunities pass you by left and right. There are few things worse than looking back at your life and regretting not taking a chance because it made you feel uncomfortable. Don’t let your comfort zone control you – step outside of it. There’s really one trick to crushing your comfort zone.

Do things that make you feel uncomfortable:


I’m not suggesting that you rob a bank or do something illegal. Instead, pick something that you know you should do, but are reluctant to do because of fear. Some ideas:

  • Talk to that person at the gym that smiles at you.
  • Make a cold call.
  • Sign up to lead a discussion.
  • Sing karaoke to a crowded room.
  • Give a speech.

The more you do something that you’re uncomfortable doing, the easier it is to do it. If you want to start a career in sales but don’t like cold calling, make that first call. This first call will be the most difficult. The second will be difficult, but not as difficult as the first. By the time you make 50 calls, you’ll feel significantly more comfortable.

Years ago, I was president of a Toastmasters club. Our theme for the year was “move beyond your comfort zone.” People stepped up and did things they never tried before. A long-time member gave his first speech. A new member stepped in to take a leadership role when an officer moved out of state. People experimented in their speeches.

Push yourself at every opportunity, and I promise you will see amazing results.



An easy way to crush your comfort zone

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