Tomorrow I’ll be attending the 30th Birthday bash for the Toastmasters club that I was a part of for a little over four years. I still drop in when I can from time to time as the club constantly attracts nice and interesting people.

The club has changed significantly from the first meeting I attended in August of 2002. People have come and gone, yet there never seems to be a lack of enthusiastic people that want to help others become better speakers. I’m still friends with many of the people who were a part of that club when I first joined and it’ll be exciting to see some of them at the party.

Like any other organization, you get from Toastmasters what you put into it. And of course, some clubs are a better fit for you than others. I was always fortunate to have people in my club that I could learn from and that I could help. Toastmasters by design is supposed to be about you and improving your speaking skills. But nothing feels better than knowing you’ve helped someone else deal with a fear that’s ruining their life.

So if you happen to be near Natick, Massachusetts tomorrow night. Consider popping in and checking out a club that won’t let you down. Toastmasters isn’t for everyone, but this club is the closest out of all the clubs I’ve seen.

Happy Birthday: My Toastmasters Club is Turning 30
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