Have you ever wanted to do something but procrastinated so long you could never do it? I’ve done this quite a bit and was reminded of it yesterday while driving.

When I was college, there was a Roy Rogers restaurant that I would pass every day on my commute. I had always wanted to stop there to just see what it was like. College was a busy time for me so I kept putting my trip to the restaurant off (even though it would have taken me less than five minutes to stop and pickup my food).

So then I graduated and got a job and passing the restaurant was no longer part of my daily routine.  I still had chances to stop as I’d drive by it every weekend when I visited the young lady I was dating. Then we got married and lived less than five miles from the restaurant so I kept saying “some day I’m going to check out that place.”

Well, we then moved and once again I was driving past the restaurant every day. For the two and half years I commuted past it, I was again too busy to take the time to stop. A few years later, I noticed that the Roy Rogers had now become a McDonalds.

Now this may seem silly considering we all have goals that seem much more important. But we can’t always focus 100% on our top three goals and be happy. There are other things we need in life besides success in our businesses. Sometimes it’s a trip, a gadget, entertainment or a meal.

A few people I admire told me about their 100 dream to do list: a list of 100 things they must do before they die. This can include things like visiting a certain city or country, taking a ride in a hot air balloon, watching all three “Back to the future” movies back to back, or eating a meal at a certain restaurant. They use this list to add some spice to their business and personal development goals and some even combine them (attending a seminar to help them grow their business in a city or country they’ve always wanted to visit).

My two pieces of advice for today are: 1. Create such a list of the things you’ve always wanted to do (it doesn’t need to be 100 items either, 25 or 30 is fine); 2: Don’t miss an opportunity to do something on your list when you have the chance. You’ll most like regret it more if you don’t do it.

Do it Now!

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