This past week, a number of blogs have featured content from Overnight Sensation. I really appreciate people taking the time to share their favorite links from this blog on their own blog since that’s how readers learn about new sites. So I’m returning the favor and I highly encourage you to check out these sites (if you’ve linked to me and I haven’t included you, please let me know):

An article was featured in The Twenty First Edition of the Carnival of Improving Life.

Personal Hack – Personal Development Blog included a link to my Strengths and Weaknesses article.

Celebrating Personal Development also linked to my Strengths and Weaknesses article.

Anand Dhillon also linked to the Strengths and Weaknesses article.

Lee Potts inlcuded my Death by Time Limit article in his weekly might have missed list.

Andrew Dlugan also included my Death by Time Limit article in his best public speaking articles list.

Redwood Ramblers Toastmasters included my article on mistakes to avoid while preparing for a speech.

Blog Roll Roundup
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