How an Email Can Ruin Your Career

How an Email Can Ruin Your CareerYour email address is an extension of your business — especially if you are the business owner. This is why most companies have an email policy discouraging employees from using email for anything that’s not business related. They’re trying to avoid having their business linked to anything that might make them look bad.

It’s always a good idea to be careful about how you use your business email account and what gets associated with it.

How to Dress For a Toastmasters Meeting

How to Dress For a Toastmasters MeetingI’m always getting asked questions about Toastmasters. Whether it’s someone attending one of my classes or watching me give a speech, when they hear that I help people with their public speaking skills, the topic of Toastmasters often comes up. While I recommend Toastmasters and the most common question I’m asked is which club to join, I was recently asked an interesting question: how should I dress when visiting a club?

Every club is different so it really does depend on the club. Community clubs meeting at night or on the weekends might be casual while corporate clubs might require more formal dress. So here are some tips: