Super Tuesday Quote of the Day

I was watching some of the Super Tuesday coverage on the Fox News Channel and caught an interview with Michael Reagan. Michael is the son of President Ronald Reagan (Reagan and first wife, Jane Wyman, adopted Michael) and he said “I’ve heard my father’s name mentioned so often during this race that I thought he was running!”

Ronald Reagan was an extremely popular President — he left office with the highest approval rating of any 20th Century President and won 49 states during his re-election bid in 1984. So it’s no surprise that republican candidates are all claiming to be “the next Reagan.” Even Barack Obama recently paid the Gipper some compliments, only to be distasteful attacked by the other democrats vying for their party’s nomination.

Leadership – How to get experience

To be a great leader takes practice. Yes, there are some people that are born gifted leaders but we can all learn to be effective leaders. A challenge that people in non-management positions commonly face is how to get that experience while not in a management role at work or while owning a one person business. The good news is that there are several ways and everyone should be able to take advantage of at least one of these suggestions.

Career Day – February Theme – Leadership

We tend to gravitate towards people who are effective leaders. The motivate us, inspire us and bring out the best in us. We elect them to office, watch them climb the ranks in the corporate world and buy their products or services.

So how does one become a great leader? Who are some great leaders? What are the qualities of a great leader? We’ll discuss these (and more) questions on Mondays during the month of February.

Video of the Week – Alive by P.O.D.

I’ve always like the music in the song “Alive” by P.O.D. (which stands for Payable on Death) but when I listened to the words, I liked it even more. The first two lines of the song are “Every day is a new day, I’m thankful for every breath I take.” Here’s a video that shows the lyrics:

Video of the Week – February

This month’s theme for the video of the week is inspirational music. These are songs that have lyrics that inspire and are set to inspirational videos.

Hannah Montana Takes “Racy” Photos

For some bizarre reason, Hannah Montana star, Miley Cyrus, decided to take some suggestive pictures of herself and post them on the web. Although the photos are far from explicit, they not something you’d expect a 15 year old who is on top of the world to do – I don’t have a link to the photos but you can easily find them using the search box on the right.

I know many child stars feel the need to shed their images when they’re ready to transition to adult roles, but there has to be a better way than using their sexuality:

Interview Question: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Job interviewThis is a textbook interview question and is mainly asked because people who interview infrequently research questions to ask and this one always pops up with “where do you want to be in 5 years.” Some human resource professionals ask it because they believe the answer provides special insight to as to what the candidate thinks of him/herself.

The question has some variations such as asking for the top three or five strengths and/or weaknesses or the questions asked separately during different parts of the interview.

How to answer it: