Will Web 2.0 Kill Public Speaking?

Will Web 2.0 Kill Public Speaking?Since the internet rush of the 1990’s which meant going online wasn’t just for nerds, the way we communicate has changed significantly. Email helped us record and organize conversations, text messages helped us zap quick notes to each other and social networks allowed us to reach people from all over the globe. Teleseminars, podcasts, blogs and webinars now give us the ability to potentially communicate to millions of people. So where does public speaking fit in to all of this? And more importantly, will there still be a need for public speaking as the internet continues to change the way we communicate?

Sites to check out

Periodically, I like to share some sites that find interesting and worth checking out, so here are some you might not want to miss.

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Should You Share Your Dreams and Aspirations?

There’s a short story I read in the first grade called “William’s Wish” that has somehow stuck in my head throughout the years. The story is about young boy who has a wish (a rather simple one) and tries all the various methods of getting his wish to come true. Since I only read this story once (and that was in 1981), I don’t remember the exact details of the story, but he did things such as wish on a star and followed a few other superstitions until his wish finally came true. Now the reason this story stuck in my head is that had he just told his parents his wish, it would have come true a lot sooner.