I’ve always like the music in the song “Alive” by P.O.D. (which stands for Payable on Death) but when I listened to the words, I liked it even more. The first two lines of the song are “Every day is a new day, I’m thankful for every breath I take.” Here’s a video that shows the lyrics:


My interpretation of the song is that of rebirth — overcoming a challenge and really living. The music is very powerful (the first time I heard it, I was in the gym) and makes me think of extreme sports. WWE did a video using the song for Duane “The Rock” Johnson back when he was at the peak of his wrestling career and it showed clips of both his in-ring and out of ring successes. This is one of the songs I love exercising to as both the music and lyrics inspire. Here’s a surfing video set to the song:


Video of the Week – Alive by P.O.D.

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