The 1975 boxing match where virtual unknown Chuck Wepner nearly went the distance with then World Champion and boxing legend, Mohammad Ali, inspired Sylvester Stallone to write Rocky. Rejection after rejection didn’t deter Stallone from pursuing his dream, he persevered and eventually saw his script make it to the big screen (where he was able to star in it). The film eventually won an Oscar for Best Picture in 1976.

Stallone’s quest to turn his dream into reality is an inspirational story in itself and the resulting movie (and its sequels) is also full of inspiration. One of the classic scenes from the movie is Rocky running through the streets of Philadelphia as the anthem “Gonna Fly Now” plays in the background. The scene culminates with Rocky running up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (an act that many tourists and visitors play out when they visit Philadelphia).

The song has been used in everything from TV shows to commercials, sometimes in parody and other times when the main character is trying to overcome an obstacle. It’s particularly good to listen to while exercising (especially running) and will pump up even the most sedentary couch potatoes.

Here’s the video from the original Rocky:


There is training montage that uses this song in each of the Rocky films and the song itself can be found on the Rocky Story, a great soundtrack that features music from the first four films.

Inspiration from “Rocky”

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