Public Speaking: How to Write a Speech – Part 1: Your Speech Outline

Writing a speech can sometimes be as nerve-racking as giving the speech. Where do you begin? What format should you use? Will you need props?

The list of potential questions is endless, but getting started is a lot easier than you think. Assuming you’ve chosen your topic and done some preliminary research, you’re ready to sit down and write.

Now some folks prefer the free write approach. They simply start writing their speech out word for word and once they’ve gotten to the end, they simply make a few edits and they’re done. If that doesn’t work for you, then try creating an outline.

Associated Content

I recently came across a site for on-line content syndication that I’m actually pretty excited about (especially since I’ve been writing more than I’ve been speaking lately) called Associated Content. The way the site works is that you submit content (you can retain the rights if you desire), they review it and if they like it, they pay you. Not a bad deal.
I came across it a little over a week ago and I’ve already been paid for three article submissions.  I highly recommend taking a look at it if you have any interest in writing.