Job Interview Success: Job Interview Tips Roundup

I’ve recently attended a few events where I’ve met a number of folks who are “in transition”. Several of them have been looking for work for while and some of them have recently begun their search. It’s a tough market out there so in order to be successful, you need every tool and every advantage you can get. I’ve posted a number of tips on these topics but I felt this would be a good time to organize them in a way to help job seekers through out the process.

Make sure your experience and qualifications are strong:

Public Speaking Success: How Does Your Audience See You?

A big epiphany that many of the students who take my “Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking” class have is that even though they are petrified, the audience can’t tell. When I have students give their first speech in class (a short introduction) I ask the speaker if they were nervous. If they say they were, I ask the rest of the class if they could tell and in most cases, they say they can’t. Sometimes, our inner emotions don’t show through in our talk and this can be either a good thing or a bad thing based on your situation.