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Public Speaking Success: The Power of Audience Reactions | Overnight Sensation said,         
May 12 2008

[…] are several ways to make a speech more interesting and relevant to the audience. Getting that initial positive reaction can result in a positive cycle […]

nick morgan said,         
May 15 2008

Great blog on how to make speeches interesting to audiences. I like the suggestions. I’d add one point, inspired by the story: pay close attention to the time of day. Audiences have shorter and shorter attention spans as the day wears on, so vary your speech accordingly. If you are the after-dinner speaker, follow Ronald Reagan’s rule: 12 minutes max, less if the audiences has had alcohol.

Nick Morgan

James said,         
May 15 2008

Hi Nick,

Thanks for the comment. I agree completely – after dinner talks when alcohol is severed are the most challenging.

Great advice from President Reagan. He was a fantastic speaker – I watch his speeches frequently as he really knew how to connect with an audience.

Thanks again,


Public Speaking Success: How to Use Your Voice to Engage Your Audience | Overnight Sensation said,         
June 11 2008

[…] This Post Vocal variety (or vocal variation) is an absolute necessity to avoid the boring talk. If you’ve ever sat through a talk where the speaker spoke in a monotonous voice, then you know […]

Will Web 2.0 Kill Public Speaking? | Overnight Sensation - Public Speaking, Communication and Personal Development said,         
March 6 2009

[…] speaker are transferable to other forms of communication. So learning how to prepare your talk, research your audience, speak clearly and present like a pro will help you with podcasting, video blogging and conducting […]

Public Speaking Success: Four Ways to Keep Your Audience Interested | Overnight Sensation - Public Speaking, Communication and Personal Development said,         
April 7 2009

[…] like stories – they’re much more interesting than listening to facts or information. Stories can serve a number purposes ranging from breaking the ice with the audience by using some […]


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